Trucking Transactions

Steelhorse Freight Services Inc.

Wildwood Transport Inc., Winnipeg, Manitoba acquired Steelhorse Freight Services Inc., High River, Alberta. Steelhorse Freight Services provides FTL, LTL, Logistics and Over-dimensional services throughout Canada and the United States using tridem and tandem flat-decks, step-decks and double-drop trailers. Transport Capital acted on behalf of Steelhorse Freight Services.

Trucking Transactions

LJW Tank Lines

TFI International, Montreal, Quebec, acquired LJW Tank Lines (LJW) Oakville, Ontario. LJW Tank Lines is a full truckload carrier
that specializes in the liquid bulk food-grade tank transportation of edible oils, fats, and related products. In business since 2006
the company boasts a fleet of 47 trailers and 22 tractors.

Trucking Transactions

Remwan Carriers Ltd.

Pioneer Truck Lines, Edmonton, Alberta acquired Remwan Carriers Ltd., Calgary, Alberta. Remwan Carriers Ltd.
Operates a fleet of 40 tractors and 170 tridem flatbeds throughout western Canada.
Transport Capital Limited acted on behalf of Remwan Carriers Ltd.

Trucking Transactions

Gladstone Transfer Ltd.

Speedy Singh Logistics, Rosser, Manitoba acquired Gladstone Transfer Ltd., Gladstone, Manitoba. Gladstone Transfer Ltd. operates a fleet of 25 tractors and 30 Super-B bottom hopper trailers throughout western Canada, including Victoria Island.
Transport Capital Limited acted on behalf of Gladstone Transfer Ltd.

Trucking Transactions

TBM Logistics Ltd.

Tri-Line Carriers, Calgary, Alberta, and a division of TFI International, acquired TBM Logistics of Calgary, Alberta.

TBM Logistics Ltd. operates 27 power and 41 Super-B end dump fleets in western Canada. In addition to the end-dumps the company also operated pneumatic tankers, RTAC A-trains and 31 roll-off bins for the pick-up and delivery of broken glass from manufacturers in Calgary and Edmonton. TBM Logistics main laneways were across the Canadian western provinces, including a regular route onto Victoria Island and into the northwestern states of Washington, Oregon, Montana and North Dakota. Head office and main terminal is on 5 acres in Calgary with another drop yard in Edmonton.

Transport Capital Limited (formerly : Strategic M&A Capital Group Inc.) acted on behalf of TBM Logistics Ltd.

Trucking Transactions

Group Express Inc.

CAT Inc. Coteau-de-Lac, Quebec acquired Group Express, Alexandria, Ontario.

Group Express is a dedicated freight carrier operating 31 power and 35 trailers. The van trailers are all custom designed with multiple side and rear hinged barn doors and a partition down the middle of the trailer that allows the freight to be safely loaded without restraining straps. Group Express’ main customer is a major Canadian wood product manufacturer with 5 separate manufacturing facilities in Alexandria, Ontario; Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania; Moxee, Washington, Laporte, Indiana and Bradford, Ontario.

Group Express operates out of a state-of-the-art facility on 3 paved acres. The terminal building is in excess of 10,000 sq. ft. which accommodates the administration, maintenance and garage which has 5 bays.

Transport Capital Limited (formerly : Strategic M&A Capital Group Inc.) acted on behalf of Group Express Inc.

Trucking Transactions

Ashton Transport Ltd.

Boots Transport Ltd., Calgary, Alberta acquired Ashton Transport Ltd., Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta.

Ashton Transport Ltd. operates 30 power and 40 open-deck trailers including Super-B flatbeds, tridem flatbeds, single and double drops. Ashton Transport operates mainly in the western provinces from Manitoba to British Columbia and up into the Yukon and Northwest Territories. Operating out of an 11 acre property, on the outskirts of Fort Saskatchewan, the yard has separate buildings for administration and maintenance. An adjoining 70 acre parcel of land is used as a laydown yard for pipe storage.

The acquisition of Ashton Transport gives additional market exposure to Boots Transport in the Edmonton area.

Transport Capital Limited (formerly : Strategic M&A Capital Group Inc.) acted on behalf of Ashton Transport.

Trucking Transactions

CAT Inc.

Transport Capital Limited (formerly : Strategic M&A Capital Group Inc.) was hired to provide CAT Inc. with financial and operational analysis of SLH Transport. SLH Transport provides truckload and other transportation services was in the in-house carrier for Sears Canada but had diversified the business model with 300+ blue chip customers, and contracts, external to Sears.

With total revenues well in excess of $100m, 250 company owned tractors, 325 owner operators and 2,100 trailers, SLH has 600 employees (850 including O/O’s), 12 terminals across Canada from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. Delivering over 90,000 loads each year, SLH also has 400,000 sq. ft. of warehousing space to meet customers storage and warehousing needs.

Trucking Transactions

Kootenay Wood Transport

Boots Transport Ltd., Calgary, Alberta acquired Kootenay Wood Transport Ltd., Airdrie, Alberta.

Kootenay Wood Transport is an open deck carrier operating 26 power, 21 company and 5 owner operators, with 30 trailers including Super-B’s and 4 axle flatbeds. Kootenay Wood Transport operates mainly in the western provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, and the northwestern US states of Washington, California, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. Kootenay Wood Products operate out of a company owned 3 acre paved facility in Airdrie. The modern building is 25,000 sq. ft. and accommodates administration and the 5 bay maintenance facility.

Transport Capital Limited (formerly : Strategic M&A Capital Group Inc.) acted on behalf of Kootenay Wood Transport Ltd.

Trucking Transactions

Movin’ Freight

Active Transport Inc., Milton, Ontario acquired Movin’ Freight, Windsor, Ontario.

Movin’ Freight has a fleet of 30 trucks and 35 open deck trailers including flats and single drops. A cross-border operation, Movin’ Freight serves customer in Windsor and along the Hwy. 401 corridor in southwestern Ontario. The terminal is located on 4 acres with a 12,000 sq. ft. building that houses the administration and maintenance facilities with 2 drive through bays.

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